Personal, Social & Emotional

The nursery encourages children to be independent and confident. We will help them to understand their own needs, views and feelings and gain an awareness of the needs of the other children in the setting. By providing a wide range of activities we can encourage them to be interested and motivated to learn. We are keen to introduce different cultures and ways of living to the children and to encourage children to respect others’ beliefs. We regularly ask parents and carers for their input in these areas, coming in to talk to children or to help with activities such as cooking and art projects.

Communication and Language

Speaking and listening are encouraged through discussion whilst playing or during group activities, story time, circle time when we sing songs or recite nursery rhymes and meal times.  We provide quiet areas indoors and outside where children may relax, allowing children time to listen to and share experiences with their friends, and indulge in imaginative play.  We provide activities which excite children’s curiosity and encourage children to join in with play and initiate conversation.  We provide resources which incorporate the home languages of children and encourage the use of some words, such as greetings, in languages other than English.


We want children to realise that books are fun and entertaining and we allow them to choose and take home a book from our collection each week.  We make sure that they have access to pencils, pens and other mark making equipment at all times and in various areas of the nursery.  Their own first name card is available on display at all times for them to take and use as they wish.


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