If you are looking to join our nursery please contact us via email or telephone on 01233 641503.

We encourage all parents/carers to visit the Nursery and to become familiar with our schedules and facilities to make sure our establishment fits in with their child’s requirements.

We take children from the age of three or during the term they reach their third birthday, for the 15 hours Free Early Education and subject to availability 30 hours Free Early Education.  We also take children from the age of two and half if the parents are Eligible for the Free For Two Early Education, these spaces are subject to availability. Prospective children and their parents are welcome to visit the Nursery at any time. An application form will be given to any visiting parents; this should be completed and returned to the Nursery if a place is required. A contact form will also be given to parents; this should be completed and handed to the Manager before the child’s first sessions. Information contained on the contact form will remain confidential. (Data Protection Act 2003). We will endeavour to present the contact form in the parent/carer and child’s home language (The Race Relations Act 2000).


  • When a child’s name is placed on our waiting list we will contact parents a few weeks before the child is due to start to agree sessions.

  • We will offer places to children already attending nursery before contacting parents who have a child on the waiting list. The nursery may also give preference to children who are Looked After, entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium or entitled to Free for Two funding.

  • We will invite children/parents to take up sessions as and when the child reaches three years of age, giving regard to the amount of time they have been on the waiting list, with the exception of the preferences listed above.

  • We will send/give them our introduction pack before they begin sessions with us.

  • Free Early Education will be available to all attending children once they have reached the term after their third birthday.  They will be entitled to 15 hours of free nursery provision, 30 hours of free nursery provision subject to availability.  Payments will only be taked for hours above the 15 hours free Early Education, unless in receipt of 30 hours and for optional extras such as hot lunched (packed lunched may be brought in).  Free for two Early Education will be available to children from the age of two half subject to availability, if the parents qualify.

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