Physical Development

A large range of opportunities are available to help children to develop their physical skills. We provide a variety of tricycles, scooters and other wheeled toys, as well as a climbing frame and low balancing beam which can be used indoors as well as outside. The children enjoy playing with our large wooden hollow blocks and planks which they can arrange into shapes of their own choosing, encouraging their imaginative play. We also have an extensive range of small play equipment which will help them to develop their fine manipulative skills. We are lucky to have two sessions a week in the school hall, where the children can play with footballs, the parachute, ribbon sticks and join in with a variety of ring games. We encourage the children to be aware of their own space and the space of others, travelling safely, whether it is on foot or on wheeled toys, and we provide activities which will help them to improve their co-ordination and movement. We also ensure that the children are helped to understand the importance of healthy eating with the use of games and activities and by ensuring that they eat only healthy foods at snack time. We have regular visits from a Dental Hygienist which the children enjoy very much, and encourage parents to help with our cooking activities or to provide some unusual healthy snack alternatives for birthday treats.

Expressive Art and Design

We support the children in the development of their imaginative skills with many activities around the nursery, indoors and out. We encourage them to express their own ideas in a variety of ways such as music and movement, role play, painting and other mark making activities, singing and playing musical instruments. We use themes to change our role play area, such as vets, opticians, post office, Antarctic and more. We give children the opportunity to explore all areas of the nursery and experience a wide range of materials and equipment to encourage them to expand their choices and imagination.

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