We provide a broad range of activities, games, songs and rhymes to help the children extend their skills in these areas. Children are allowed to develop their understanding of measurement, pattern, shape and space at their own pace in fun and interesting ways. We support their development in areas of numeracy in everyday use of numbers and counting as well as our planned activities. Our aim is for all children to be comfortable and confident in this area so that they can develop their skills further as they move on to school.

Understanding the World

All children are supported in their development to help them make sense of the world around them. We ensure that they have access to plants, creatures, people and the natural environment around them. We provide a wide range of equipment and materials in order for them to join in with practical experiments, such as sand, water, play dough, magnets, cornflour dough, ice etc., giving them the opportunity to play and discover at their own speed. They have access to a computer with internet capabilities (under supervision) and we have an extensive range of computer games and programmable toys for their use. We arrange outings in the local area and beyond in order to extend their knowledge of the environment, giving them the opportunity to talk about features they like or dislike. We encourage them to talk about home and family, remembering significant things which have happened to them and to help them to differentiate between past and present. We help them to gain an awareness of the cultures and beliefs of other people by introducing a wide range of topics, games and cookery activities.

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