St Mary’s Nursery


Term 5 & 6

Dear Parents and Carers

Once again we are nearing the end of term and some children will be leaving us to start their new journey into Primary School.

I have a few dates for you to make a note of in your diaries.


We have a Photographer coming to the Nursery on Monday 14th June everyone is welcome, if your child doesn’t attend that day there will be a list for you to put down a time slot so we can make the time run smooth hopefully.

Leavers Party

We are trying to arrange a party for the children, this is subject to the government restrictions which we are hoping will able us to have a party. Last year this never happened and it was really sad, and left a gap in our nursery life, so we will be doing our up most to make this happen. If everything goes well this will be Thursday 22nd July. More details to come later.


Emma has reduced her hours with us, she now works Mondays and Fridays, sadly Emma will be leaving us at the end of term 6 this is due to family commitments, she has worked at St Mary’s Nursery for the past 13 years and we are going to miss her enormously and we wish Emma and her family well.

Committee Members

I would like to thank the parents that have come forward to join the parent committee without their help and support we are unable to continue to open.

Thank you.

Snack food Donations

We would like to thank all the parents that have donated food for our snack time, this has helped the nursery enormously and we are very grateful.

Thank you.

Sun cream

Hopefully we will be getting some sun soon, on warm sunny days children will need to have sun lotion applied before they come into nursery. We will top this up in the afternoons for all day children using our own sun lotion. If you would like to supply your own please bring it in with your child’s name marked on it.

Healthy Lunches

The Nursery promote healthy eating, please can you make sure that your child has a healthy lunch box, some ideas to put into lunch box’s are sandwiches, rolls crackers, Pitta Bread, Wraps, or rice, noodles, a yoghurt, fruit, vegetable and salad. Chocolate is a treat so if you are going to put a chocolate biscuit or cake into their lunch box please only make it one item. Please do not put nuts into your child’s lunch box.

If you wish your child to have a school meal these are £2.00 from the School kitchen.

Online Learning Journals

These will be released to you towards the end of the week, please look out for them, if you wish to add anything that you have done with your child over the half term you are very welcome to do so.

If you have any problems please come and see myself.

Term Dates

Half Term: – Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June

Last Day of Term: – Thursday 22nd July

Please have a safe half term and we look forward seeing you w/c 7th June.


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