St Mary’s Nursery


September Term 1 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to nursery for another year. We would like to extend a special welcome to all our new children and parents who are joining us this year. We hope that you all enjoy your nursery experience. This is the first of our regular newsletters for the year. If you have any ideas for items which you think would be useful please let us know.

Here is some information and what we are doing within the nursery for this term.

Term dates

Half Term 23rd October 2017 to 27th October 2017

In-service Days 18th, 19th and 20th December 2017

First Day of term Thursday 4th January 2018

School Lunches

You can have these regularly if you wish, just let us know, or you can have them as a one off at any time. For instance, if you forget to bring a lunch box or if there is a meal that your child particularly likes. I have enclosed a copy of the menu for you to look at and the cost of the meals are £2.00.

Just a reminder because of food hygiene rules, we cannot accept any warm/hot food as part of the children’s packed lunch. All food brought into the nursery for children has to go straight into our refrigerator. Food hygiene rules also forbid us from warming up or cooking food for children other than our occasional cookery activities, so if you would like your child to have a hot meal during the winter this will need to be one that the nursery provides.


If anyone has any spare digital cameras that take good, clear pictures and are no longer used, it would be appreciated if you could make a donation to the nursery as we require some, as a few of ours have been broken.

Main Gate

Could everyone please remember how important it is that the main gate is closed with the latch placed over the top each time you come in or out? This is vital for the safety of the children. If you see other parents leaving the gate open please let staff know so that we can remind them personally.

Please do not let your child stand on the gate as this makes the gate drop and it then becomes very hard to open and close the gate.

Book bags

If you would like your child’s book changed each week, could you please bring them into the main room for it to be changed if it is left on their peg the book bag will not get changed.

Spare Clothes

Please could you bring in some spare clothes for your child’s sessions, as we go out in all weathers and sometimes they do have accidents. Nursery only have a few items of clothing but these soon get used and they don’t always come back to us, so by making sure your child has spare clothes on their peg this will help us greatly. Please could you also make sure that these clothes are labelled so no mistakes are made.


We do go outside in all weathers so please can you make sure that your child’s coat is labelled, and as the weather gets colder can you also make sure that their hats, gloves and scales are also labelled. If you wish you can bring in their own Wellington boots and put these on their peg, please make sure that they are named, nursery have some spare Wellington’s.


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